About Us

Create, Engage, Transform

When we started the Housing Guy Consulting, we had very high hopes of doing very well. However, we soon we realized it is not easy to make it. In fact we realized that failure was part of the entrepreneurship journey. We were neither getting calls, nor email inquiries. Sales were not taking place, our emails were not converting and things were looking bad.

We started asking ourselves many questions such as: are we in the right market, are our services ok, what do our clients really need, what are their concerns, and how can we meet their needs.

Our challenge was creating awareness and we needed a way that would generate a continuous flow of customer leads.

It dawned on us that we needed to invest in a system that would generate leads and sales. Because we did not have money for traditional advertising we had to find affordable and effective ways to promote our brand. After months of research we came across digital marketing.

We studied it keenly and we were convinced of its value and potential in this digital age.

We started asking around for people who could help to grow our brands. We came across very many firms and individuals offering digital marketing services. Unfortunately none of them focused on the real estate sector. They were targeting clients from all industries. They also lacked an intimate understanding of the real estate.

Faced with that challenge and since we have a lot of experience in the real estate sector, we decided to create a solution for ourselves. After trying it out, we were convinced it can work for any real estate firms.


So now we a creative real estate digital agency that drives long-term growth for brands through deep insight, Content Marketing, Powerful Story Telling, Social Media Management, Influencer Marketing and impactful digital media creation.

Our Vision

Our VISION is to be is to be the most trans-formative real estate digital agency in Africa

Our Mission

We are on a mission to transform the profitability of real estate brands by providing the most impactful real estate digital agency services.

Our Belief

We believe the future of real estate brands is digital but fortunately, that future is already here with us. 

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